E-Design Services


Once you turn in your questionnaire and pictures you will receive your FINAL design in 30 days. You will receive your first inspiration board for review in about a week. If you communicate in a timely manner it shouldn’t take more than a couple weeks.

Of course! If you have an inspiration piece, like art or a rug that you find amazing, we would love to work that into the design. You may have a couch that you want to keep that we will add as well. Just let us know up front and send us detailed pictures of these items with accurate measurements of these pieces.

Technology has come a long way to make it possible for us to create an amazing transformation for you. However, we want to know as much about you and your room as possible. So please send us your Pinterest account, pictures of your room, the challenges you face, and what your likes and dislikes are.

You are able to make 2 small inspiration board revisions in the beginning stages. However, if you make other changes (such as a whole concept change or changes after the inspiration board is submitted) you will be charged my hourly rate of $75.00.

The shopping list or product list will be set up with current up to date products. I suggest you purchase the items at the time of the submitted e-design so products do not become discontinued as seasonal items do change out periodically. Links are provided to make the shopping list easier to use.

If you live in the US or Canada you may purchase an e-design at this time.

E-Design Terms and Services:

  1. E-designs are an online design service only. Client is responsible for implementing the suggested design supplied by Jenn Ely Interiors. This is not an on-site project.
  2. Client agrees to communicate through on-line means in a timely manner. We will not use your contact info unless it is necessary due to time constraints.
  3. Client agrees to provide all information regarding the project at hand so Jenn Ely Interiors can complete the project by deadline discussed.
  4. Jenn Ely Interiors will complete the project in a timely manner according to the agreed upon time frame which is 30 days unless otherwise specified.
  5. Jenn Ely Interiors will not give your personal information to a third party.
  6. Jenn Ely Interiors is not personally responsible for any contractors you hire for your project or their completion dates.
  7. Jenn Ely Interiors will not be held responsible for any of the items you order to complete your designs. That remains the responsibility of the clients and said company.
  8. Client will be responsible for submitting “before” and “after” pictures of the project. They will not be used on Jenn Ely Interiors blog unless with your permission.
  9. Any e-designs are property of Jenn Ely Interiors and may be shared with viewers of Jenn Ely Interiors site. No personal names or information will be shared. Copyright remains that of Jenn Ely Interiors at all times.
  10. We are unable to do any returns due to the nature of the design services.
  11. The payment includes 2 design changes during the beginning inspiration board process. If you want anything else changed you will be billed my hourly rate of $75.00.

____ I agree to terms and conditions of this e-design service.