Decorating Cheat Sheet of Important Numbers

Today’s post is so fun and very useful.  I’m sharing some important numbers that I’ve learned over the years so you can make a decorating cheat sheet to have when you are doing your home interior projects. These are probably all the things you’ve wondered about at one point or another, but maybe never inquired about.

Dining room chandeliers hang 60”-66” from the ground.  They should not block sight lines, but give off appropriate light.  If that doesn’t work for your ceiling height, use your own judgement as to what looks best in your room.

When hanging pictures side-by-side you should leave a 2” space between the frames.

Counters are usually a standard height of 36”.  However, some builders do upgrade counters so make sure before you purchase barstools that your counters are this height.

Pendant lights over an island normally hang 30”-36” above the counter.

The decorative wainscotting on the bottom third of your room goes up 32” from the floor for a room that is 8’.

Art should be hung about 60” from the center of the artwork to the ground.  This is usually about eye level.  However, you have to take in to account that everyone is different heights.  Some people may be very tall and some people may be short.  Just use your judgement as to what looks best.

The ideal tv viewing distance is 1 ½ times the size of your flat screen.

Always order your curtains longer so you can hang them as close to the ceiling if possible.  It will make your room look bigger.  Here is another little tip about curtains.  Line your curtains in the same material so they look the same from the outside of your home.  You don’t want half of your curtains lined in white and then some in tan.  That would look really off.

Standard headboard heights are 14″-29″ above the mattress.  Here are the mattress widths for bed size.  These come in very handy for college students.  Twin width = 38″, a full = 54″, a queen =60″, a king width =76″, and a California king=72″.  If you want to know how a California king is different.  It is longer.  So if you are tall you may want to check out this bed.

I hope this post was helpful and you can save it and keep it for use in the future.  For more hacks check out this post and come back for a post in late November for my best Christmas hacks.  You know I am obsessed with Christmas.  These are my best tips and I’m happy to share them with you.

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