How to Help Your Kids Believe in Santa One More Year

My kids are 20 and 17 now, but I still remember where we were and how it went down when they stopped believing in Santa.  I also remember what we did the year they started questioning us and hinting around that they weren’t sure if they believed anymore.  You always want to see if you can get one more year out of them.  Once it’s out of the bag everything changes.  Things can be just as fun when they know, but your Christmas traditions definitely change.  I wanted to give you some things we did to help get our kids to believe one more year.

We have a Hotel and Conference Center about 25 minutes from our home that does this Santa package for families.  Basically you take an evening and you have dinner there and spend the night in the hotel.  They bring cookies and milk at night and a letter for the kids from Santa.  The week before you go, the hotel calls and gets some personal info about the kids.  They include what your kids want for Christmas and some of their hobbies and personal info that only parents and “Santa” would know.   This was a HUGE turning point in my daughter’s mind in kicking her over the fence with Santa.  This really made her stop questioning me for the rest of that year.

You can also call Santa.  He actually has a phone number and an address.  I used to just say write his name on the letter and I will take it down to the Post Office when I go out today.  My kids seemed ok with that.  However, kids these days just want to email him or just DM Santa.  If you have a real address and phone number it is more believable that your letters and request are going somewhere.


Santa Claus

325 S. Santa Claus Lane

North Pole, Alaska 99705

On Christmas Eve one of our favorite things to do is track Santa.  We have passed this down to my niece and nephew.  You can find this at Norad.  It also helps get your kids to bed earlier after they are all sugared up on Christmas Eve.

I’m sure there are all kinds of things you can do, but hopefully these were some new ones to try something different to string your kids along one more year.

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