Grilling Tips for Father’s Day

Father’s day is such a special day in our house because I not only get to celebrate my dad but, I also get to honor my husband. My husband really deserves an amazing day just to do all his favorite things. I recently had a surgery and he took such good care of me. He had to be in charge of the house, dinners, my care and work also. He is a super hero to me and I am so thankful for him. Most importantly, he is a great dad. He has always been the coach to Chase’s teams even when he was building his business in the early days. He always attended Taylor’s cheer, dance, and ice skating competitions. That’s one of the many reasons I love him. But let’s talk about the priorities here. He is amazing on the grill. This man can cook a mean steak.  He is going to share some of his amazing grilling tips for Father’s Day with us.

Darin always cooks out on the grill for Mother’s Day and let me tell you he is the master. He has perfected this over the years and when people eat at our home they always request that he cook something on the grill. I don’t want to have him working and cooking on his special day so I thought I would have him share his grilling tips with all of us so you ladies out there could also take over the grilling this year for your husband. Maybe you gals already do the grilling, but in our home that is daddy’s job. Here are some tips that he told me about and I hope they help you on Father’s Day and the rest of this summer.

Grilling Tips

Marinate your meats over night. If you don’t have this kind of time, try to keep them marinating for at least a couple hours. The longer the better. You also want to set the meat out about 30-45 minutes before you put it on the grill. You want it to be room temperature. During this time you can go out and check that the grill is clean, set up your work area, and get the grill piping hot. A backyard gas grill can get up to about 500 degrees to get those nice grill marks that taste so good.

Something else that makes your meat stand out above the rest is using wood chips.  This site, has a video that you can watch.   It also explains exactly how to use wood chips in the different kinds of grills. Sometimes your gas grill will come with a wood chip box to use. If so, you’re all set.

We must mention this tip because a lot of people do this. Don’t press down on your meats while cooking. This takes away the juices and will quickly dry out your meat and make them hard. If you only walk away with one tip this one will dramatically change the way you grill your food.

Save some of your marinade to brush on as you cook. Adding this extra sauce really gives your meat some amazing flavor. A lot of people don’t add this extra step. This can really put you as the queen of the summer soirees.

TIMING IS EVERYTHING! Just like cooking a meal in the house, the way you time the cooking process is very important. All meats are not created equal. Start cooking the meats that will take the longest. Usually the chicken, hamburger, steak that need extra cooking go on first. Seafood, rare steaks, hot dogs will go on last. Also, try to cook to your guests preferences. If you don’t know or you have a large crowd, try to cook several different temperatures of meat. The best way to know when something is done is to use a meat thermometer. That is a staple in our home.

I hope this was helpful and you might try your grilling skills on Father’s Day. You can do this. Be confident and go for it. Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads out there!

Yours Truly,

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