A Local Photographer Answers Your Bridal Questions

Valentine’s Day is coming up and today kicks off my week long wedding series. Local photographer, Jason Williams, is answering some frequently asked bridal photography questions.  I am in my 20th year of marriage and I still love weddings. I find Valentine’s Day to be super corny, but I love a good wedding.  I cry at them all.  The bride always looks so beautiful and the groom seems so excited to see her walk down the aisle.  Join in today through next Thursday as we explore Love and weddings (Even is you’re an old married couple like me!)

Frequently Asked Bridal Photography Questions

1. What do brides seem to be most nervous about and how do you make them feel more comfortable while shooting? Usually women in general are concerned with body image issues. As a professional, I know the techniques and lighting setups to keep my clients looking their best.

Beautiful bridal portrait done by Jason Williams at Elite Photography. www.Yourstrulyjenn.com

2. How does your style photography differ from others in the area? I shoot a lot of different styles depending on the client’s wishes. However, I am best known for dramatic skies and colors in my images. We use studio lighting in locations like the beach to create dramatic and romantic portraits.

A beautiful sky and amazing couple captured by Jason Williams of Elite Photography. www.jennelyinteriors.com

3. What is the main difference between winter and summer weddings? The biggest difference for a photographer is we usually can’t do a lot of photos outdoors. If we do shoot outside on a cold day, we will typically remove the redness from the client’s nose and fingers. This creates more work, but it’s worth it to get a beautiful outdoor shot.

4. What are some of the “must have” photos brides are asking for these days?
For my clients it’s the sunset portraits. This is what I’m known for so we always block the appropriate time slot to catch the sun as it drops.

Beautiful ocean shot captured by Jason Williams of Elite Photography. www.jennelyinteriors.com
5. Do most brides come with a list of poses or shots they want or is it more of a collaboration between you? We collaborate every time. I already know all the critical moments brides are looking for so most often we just collect a list of specific must haves. An example would be, “I need a photo with my uncle Dave because he basically raised me.” These are things we don’t know naturally, so brides will come up with a handful of special images we make sure to capture.

6. How do you deal with indoor vs. outdoor weddings? We really don’t treat them differently. We may dress differently or bring a few umbrellas but they are organized and photographed almost exactly the same.

7. What are the latest trends in wedding photography? Natural light and country are the latest fads we see coming along. With so many new photography enthusiasts they typically can’t afford lighting so the trend has shifted to natural light. Unfortunately, a lot of weddings don’t get great natural light so it’s a challenge for these photographers to handle indoor properly. I shoot both and even use professional lighting to supplement a natural light look.

8. Tell us about one of the coolest weddings you’ve photographed? Hands down the coolest wedding ever was this past October 31st. Everyone came in costume and the wedding was held in an old chicken barn. The young couple had virtually no budget and spent it all hiring us. So they collected old chairs and tables over 9 months to outfit the barn. They spent months cleaning it up, hanging decorations, and turning junk into treasure. The results were amazing!

9. In hind site, what is the most common shot brides wish they had asked for?
We don’t really have a “we wished….” list because we are so detailed in planning with our brides. Their favorite shots are always with the groom so we make sure to give extra attention to this portion of the day. The biggest regret we hear constantly from brides is “I wish I had hired a professional”.

10. Can you tell us a little bit more about your business and how we can get in touch with you? Elite Photography was founded in 2009 and can be found at www.photographybyelite.com. Our studio number is 757-967-7468 and email is info@photographybyelite.com. We specialize in weddings and senior high students. You can also find us on Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Check the website for links.

Thanks so much Jason for helping us answer all those bridal photography questions.  I have several viewers that got engaged over the Christmas break and are eager to start planning their upcoming nuptials.  There is so much to plan and I know photography is one of the major things you check off your to do list in the very beginning.

Yours Truly,


9 thoughts on “A Local Photographer Answers Your Bridal Questions

    1. Jason,
      Thanks so much for guest posting. I know it took time out of your busy schedule and I really appreciate it. Everyone was blown away by your work. You’ve always been a perfectionist, but these photos really go above and beyond. Can’t wait to do senior pictures with Taylor.

  1. Love these photos. They make me want to have a wedding all over again! How did he do the picture of the bride and groom in the water at the beach? that was really neat and different. Lots of talent.

    1. Kathryn,
      You’re right…..He is amazing. That is why he has been our go to photographer for the last 3 1/2 years. He actually specializes in the water pictures. He does senior girls in their old prom gowns too.

      1. Kathryn,I thought the same about wishing we could do our photos over again. Ours were 17 years ago and look so typical.

  2. One of the most important parts of the wedding budget in my opinion is on the photographer. This is such a great recommendation! I have heard recently that one of the latest trends is to do a trashing the dress shoot at the beach. Instead of sealing the dress up in a closet they take great pics on the beach and in the water, not worrying if the dress gets messed up. Looks like Elite Photography would be perfect for the job!

    1. April,
      You are right about the photography being such an important part of the wedding budget. I agree with you and Kathryn about wanting to have a whole new set of photos done. While I’m at it a dress without puffy sleeves too. Elite is amazing and Jason does a fabulous job at senior pictures as well.

    1. Thanks Michelle. Photography is so important because it will be your visual memory of your wedding. I know you said you found someone you already clicked with. Good luck with the rest of your wedding planning. I will continue to follow along on your blog.

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