Minted for all the Mothers in Your Life

Mother’s Day is coming up quickly and it’s time to think about the lovely ladies in your life.  I don’t want you to be stressed about finding the right gifts.  I actually love shopping for Mother’s Day.  I think of my mom as one of my best friends.  She is a very selfless person that puts other’s needs before her own.  I strive to be that kind of mom to my children. I have been a mother for over 16 years and each Mother’s Day is so special to me. My children and husband try to make the day so relaxing. It’s nice to have a whole day set aside where everything is about you. It gives you the feeling that you are appreciated by the ones you love. However, the day isn’t only about me. It’s about the other ladies in my life as well. I love sharing that day with my mom and my grandma. Minted has some lovely gifts to take care of all the special ladies close to you. I know there are things I loved when I was browsing the site and there are plenty of gifts for new moms and grandmothers as well. I’m excited to share some of my favorites with you.

The Love, You Love framed portrait by Seven Swans was my favorite. I was lucky enough to receive this from Minted. I’m obsessed with rose gold right now and the pressed foiling  makes this matting so unique. I like things that you can customize because you know not everyone is going to own the same thing. Ordering this was a very quick and easy process. There are tons of frames to choose from so you will get exactly the one that matches your decor and style. You can purchase it framed or just matted. However, You can’t find pieces of framed artwork for this price in many other places. My suggestion is to go ahead and purchase the frame. You select one of your own family pictures and personalize it right there on your computer. The steps are so easy I could even do it and you know I’m not tech savvy. I like how Minted walked me through the steps of finalizing my picture selection. This made it easy for me and I knew the final product would turn out unbelievable. I have it displayed in my office where I can look at it daily and remember our wonderful family trip to Hilton Head.

Love you, Love frame from Minted.

Flower Mom by Minted
Flower Mom By Sara Hicks Malone for Minted.

I love sentimental gifts.  My office is full of gifts that my children made me and it makes me so happy to see them on a daily basis.  I can look at each picture or pottery piece and know my child took their time and attention to make me something really special.  Minted has an amazing way to showcase your child’s special artwork or handwritten letter. The process is as simple as uploading the drawing and Minted transforms your art into a framed masterpiece done by your child.  I know you and your child would treasure this gift for years to come.

Minted Custom kid drawings as art.
Your child’s drawing transformed into framed art.

A first Mother’s Day is very special and you will always remember your first one.  I know I do. You can’t go wrong with these new mother’s gifts from Minted.   The Petit Floral frame (pictured below) and The Love You To The Moon and Back Framed Art by Chasity Smith are so cute.  All new mothers have pictures of their newborns everywhere.  A lot of new parents show the growth of their baby’s first year by doing photography sessions every 3 months. You know they will have tons of photos to display.  These make perfect gifts for the new mom.  Hint, hint to all the new dads out there.

Minted Petit Floral newborn frame
Petit Floral by Phrosne Ras for Minted.

Did you know minted has amazing artists from all over the world that create beautiful artwork? The artwork is so versatile and has so many options that this would be the perfect gift for any mother on your list.  After receiving my framed portrait of my kids, I was so pleased I wanted to look more into the artwork Minted offers.  I was looking to spruce up my new console table in my foyer and I wanted to pull out some spring colors on the wall to match the decor I used on the table.  I was so happy to find artwork that was so cheery and brightened up my foyer with beautiful colors. The Grapefuity Too by Katie Craig had the perfect colors and concept that I was looking for.  It really is the piece I wanted to greet my guests and make them feel welcome in our home.


Grapefruity Too by Katie craig for Minted...

Don’t forget that Minted has amazing invitations for every special occasion.  If you are throwing a Mother’s Day brunch or luncheon, head over to Minted and find the perfect invitation to match your color scheme and theme.  Leave me a comment below telling me how you plan on spending your Mother’s Day.

Yours Truly,


A special thanks to Minted for sponsoring this post. 


4 thoughts on “Minted for all the Mothers in Your Life

  1. I saved several of your examples so I could remember to use those. My favorite was turning the kids drawings into artwork. Thanks for sharing!

    1. April,
      I’m so glad you liked them. I wish someone had something like that when my kids were little. I would have loved to use Minted’s service to keep some of their pictures as forever treasures on my wall.

  2. I had no idea Minted was this versatile! I always associated the brand with just invitations. I especially love the art conversions, I may be doing that very soon with some of my niece’s pieces! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    xo – Michelle

    1. Michelle,
      Everyone one have been saying that about the art conversions. I may even go back and drag out some of my favorites from way back when and do it. Mine are probably on paper in the attic that are disintegrating though. If you end up doing it please share.

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