My October Favorites

October Favorites

It’s that time of the month where I get to share my favorites with you.  Now my obsessions can become your new addictions.

Check out my favorite way to keep up with the day’s latest news.  It’s called The Skimm at  The 2 female founders pack a big punch by delivering the top headlines, entertainment, and sports to keep you informed in an easy, quick format delivered to your inbox at 6 am daily.

This is going to be one of my favorite female buys for the holidays.  It is a wristlet Clutch from (click here) ranging from $59.00- $99.00 The stylish leopard clutch has room to carry what you need for a night out while charging your phone at the same time.  What an amazing gift for your family, friends, and get one for yourself while you’re at it.

Modern Muse is one of my favorite perfumes.  Estee Lauder has made an adorable pink, solid perfume compact that is perfect for traveling or to stash in your purse.  They are kind enough to give 100% of the proceeds from this product to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Taylor Swift’s 1989 album is of course going to be on my list.  She is my favorite artist and a great role model for young girls and for me (an old lady compared to her).  This album has a pop vibe and a different tone.  Taylor definitely sings as if she has found herself and doesn’t need to rely on another person to find happiness.  Good for her.  Some of my favorite tracks are Welcome to New York, Blank Space, and Bad Blood.

I need to discuss the new show I’m loving.  I am enthralled with How to Get Away with Murder. Academy Award Nominee, Viola Davis plays the criminal law professor and lawyer.  Each year she chooses a group of students, from her class, to work with her at her law firm.  These students help her solve cases that are happening each week on the show. However,  The students are caught in a situation where they may need a lawyer.  If you haven’t watched it yet, it’s a must see.  Any show that Shonda Rhimes is involved with is going to be a hit.

Lastly, My favorite new App is ASAP54.  You take a picture of a look you love and it searches over 300 brands until it finds similar looks. It also gives you prices and purchasing information.  If you don’t like those looks there is also a stylist button option.  If you choose to use the stylist, you will have 5 more looks within 24 hours.  It’s like having your own personal stylist at your beckon call.

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