7 Steps To Hosting A Great Party

Summer is a big time for entertaining.  I’m sure you are attending lots of pool parties, BBQs and don’t forget the Labor Day and back to school parties that round out September.   If you want to host a party of your own I have 7 steps you can follow to in sure you have a successful party.   Get ready to start receiving tons of compliments for your hosting skills.  If you want to check out more party planning you can read this post, How to Start Planning a Big Party.

7 Tips to Hosting a great Party

  1. First, make a list of all the projects or tasks you need to get done before the party.  No matter how small, put it on your list.
  2. Make a timeline of how many days you have left until the party.  Always start well in advance to give you enough time to get it all in without feeling too overwhelmed.
  3. Start getting rid of the clutter immediately. This can go quickly if you just take a couple minutes here and there to get a project done.
  4. Start with high traffic areas where guests will most likely hang out.  Think of the way your party will flow.  Will your guests be inside or outside?  Those are the areas you should clean first.  Don’t focus on closets and bedrooms until all the other areas are completely done.
  5. Once you think a room is presentable. Take a picture and zoom in on each small area.   You will be able to see what things are out of place or don’t look right.  Use that picture to move things the way you want them fixed.
  6. Do as much before the day of the party that you can. You will be busy getting ready and finishing off the small details the day of the party so use your time wisely before the party.
  7. Keep “a day of list.”  You will think of tons of things that need to go on this list. As you think of something jot it down.  This will keep you ahead of the game so you don’t feel like you’re treading water.

7 Tips to Hosting a great Party

These tips are really simple, but they do help me get the necessities done when I’m rushing around trying to get things accomplished.  No one wants to be caught off guard when you have guests arriving at your home.  If you have some more tips on party planning ideas please leave a comment below.  I would love to connect with you on my social media.  You can check those out below.

2 thoughts on “7 Steps To Hosting A Great Party

  1. Jenn, because I’m working and drive at least two hours each day, I keep a weekend checklist. I know I’ll get more accomplished and won’t feel discouraged on Monday because I can look back at all I was able to accomplish. I’m a believer in lists.

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