How to style your candles

If you have been around here a while you know I’m a sucker for fresh flowers and candles. I’ve been practicing how to take store-bought flowers and turn them into pretty arrangements.  Flowers freshen up a room immediately, but have you thought about different ways to style your candles to make them extraordinary too?

The first tip is so easy.  If you buy a Bath and Body Works candle you can easily peel the sticker off the candle and it immediately looks like you spent way more on the candle than you actually did.  The bottom is the most important part anyway.  It describes the candle and what ingredients make up the scent.

You can take a regular candle and place it inside a hurricane glass or lantern and add a filler like rocks, shells, sand, or Epsom Salt and it has transformed your candle into a beautiful centerpiece.

I love putting candles inside lanterns to light walkways, enhance my food tables, or as decor when I’m entertaining.   I now own, white, silver, and black sets of lanterns.  They are a big expense, but once you have them they last forever. They can be used in so many different situations that they quickly pay for themselves.  I usually use the battery operated candles in my lanterns.  My faves are the Pottery Barn candles.

Do you own any oil lamps?  I have a set of Woodfard oil lamps in 3 sizes and I just love them.  I definitely use them during the holidays. I have not put them, away yet.  I just love having them on my table.  Since they are glass they really go with anything you’re doing so they make great gifts for the person who has everything.  Get yourself a set while you’re at it.

I love this set.  I’ve had them for a long time but the moss at the bottom just really reminds me that summer is on the way.  When I put them out it is more a symbol of anticipation for what is to come in the next season.

I hope you got a couple of ideas and thoughts that you can take and give your candles a little refresh for summer.

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