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I hope you had an amazing Christmas and are looking forward to New Year’s Eve.  I really can’t believe it is over. It feels like you do so much to get ready and then it comes and goes so quickly.  I think it is worth it though to see how happy it makes my family.  I love doing the best posts of the year because I get all geeky and analyze all my data to find your fave posts of 2017.

I get kind of sad when I start to take all the Christmas decor down.  Does that happen to any of you?  I just enjoy turning the lights on every morning and that magical feeling at Christmas time.  BUT, I guess it is nice to get your home back in order to prepare yourself for the new year ahead. So let’s get started and check out 5 of your faves for 2017 and one all time fave.

Plaid Burberry Holiday House Tour
Your fave post for the best posts of 2017. -

Your fave posts this year is a Christmas one of course.  The Plaid Burberry Holiday House Tour was my fave as well because it was the first house tour of 2017.  These always tend to do well with you guys. I’m so glad you liked it as much as I did.

Decorating Trends 2017
Decorating Trends 2017-


Your second fave was an e- design I did for the Pantone color of the year, showing decor trends for 2017. I love doing e-designs and I’m sure I will do another one for 2018 as well so keep watching for that.

Holiday FAQ

Holiday FAQ Best posts of 2017-

Up next is the FAQ.  I had received a lot of buzz in person and on social media so I did a holiday FAQ.  I guess you guys liked it because it made the top 5 list this year.  You can always comment on the bottom of these posts or leave me questions as well and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

How to Deal With December without Going Crazy

How to Deal with December without going Crazy Best of 2017-

I’m so glad this post made the top 5 because I think it is so important to try and make December as stress free for the mommas as possible.  You guys do so much for your families that it really does get to be a stressful time. I wanted you to know you are appreciated and I know the effort it takes to pull off an amazing Christmas.

How to Fake A Clean House
How to Fake a Clean House best of 2017-

The last post to make it on the list is How to Fake a Clean house.  I think this one is so popular because we all want tips on how to clean up “quickly” for guests and how to make the house look presentable in a hurry no matter what the reason is.

This next post is your fave of all time.  It has the most views of any post.  It’s the Holiday Home Tour of 2015. Yes, you guys love you some Christmas and I think it’s great because those are my speciality.  Heck, I wish I could do Christmas content year round, but then you might leave and never come back because you think I’m crazy.

Holiday Home Tour 2015

Holiday Home Tour 2015- Best posts of 2017-

I hope you enjoyed this walk down memory lane and will come back for the projects I have going on in 2018.  I wish you all the best in the new year and have a safe and Happy New Year’s Eve.

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