5 Ways to Get Back on Track After the Holidays

  • Track your food or journal.- You will want to keep some numbers of your body statistics to compare as time goes on. Track your measurements, workouts, daily water intake, sleep patterns, recipes, daily calories, and grocery list.
  • Eat some of the same foods during the week so meal prep is easier. Breakfast and lunch can be a whole lot easier if you make them the same for the week. Make some kind of prepare ahead smoothies or oatmeal each day for breakfast and that one is done. Then for lunch make a meal that could break into 4 days. That makes your meals so much easier. Making something every morning will get old real quick.
  • Be consistent on the weekends. There is no way you can lose weight if you are doing a healthy lifestyle during the week and eating whatever you want over the weekend. You have to stay consistent with your lifestyle at least 80% of the time and try. I’ve always loved this quote. It is my screensaver on my phone. “Is what you’re doing today getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow?” Isn’t that eye opening?
  • Make new habits and routines stick. It takes 21 days to make a new habit and 90 days to make a new lifestyle stick. You can do this. Have your support team and accountability partners help you through the times you want to quit. Remember why you started and see what happens if you actually finish and meet your goal this time.
  • Make it easy on yourself. You can eat clean and still make it easy on yourself. Most stores have the pre-made rotisserie chickens. These are amazing by themselves or as parts of a salad or in other casseroles or recipes. Also if you don’t have time to food prep there are pre-cut fruits and veggies at the store you can purchase. Also there are pre-washed bags of salad ready to eat that are so good. These could be your lunch and dinners.

I hope these tips were helpful. I go back and do these same things when I get off track because of the holidays too. The biggest thing is that you actually start again with your journey to good health and fitness.

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