The Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight

I love January because we all start fresh. No one is harping on you for not doing this or that. You can make your “to do” list and get going from there. A lot of people have some sort of health and fitness goal on their New Year’s resolutions so we are going to talk about some of the excuses and obstacles that hold us back from losing weight.

You’re viewing everything as a “special” occasion. There will always be a holiday or special event happening right around the corner. These will definitely throw you off your weight loss journey. However, you need to stick with your goals and remember why you started so you can stay strong and meet your goals. Don’t fall prey to upcoming weddings, Valentine’s Day, Easter, birthdays, corporate events, pool parties, BBQ, and so many more. Splurge on your birthday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas and leave those other events behind.

You do great during the week, but you cheat on the weekend. There is no way you will lose weight or maintain your weight if you are constantly cheating all weekend. Now I’m not talking about your weekly cheat meal. I’m talking about people doing so great during the week so they can do whatever they want on the weekends. You will just negate what you did over the last week. Consistency over time is the key to weight loss success.

You are eating too many processed foods. Eating clean is key to your goals. Try 21 day fit, whole 30, or paleo. These programs can get you into a good habit and then you can continue after the program on your own. They teach you portion control and what foods work for a healthy lifestyle.

It’s not that hard I’ll just wing it. It is hard! You need a plan or you’re not going to meet your long term goals. This requires you to set up good habits and routines and you actually have to stick to them. You are cleaning up your life and eating habits at the same time. Also give yourself a deadline to help push you along. Maybe you have a wedding to attend in March so you want to work hard and push yourself with that date in mind. Also try to set times to eat. This helps me If I know my lunch time was set for 12:30 and it’s only 11:00. Then I need to try to push until that time so I don’t eat or give into my cravings.

Pin this post or print it out so you can think about these as you’re making it through your week. Also share with someone who might need a boost this time of year.

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