8 Tips to Help Prepare Your Home and Yard for Fall

There are certain things you do seasonally that get you ready for that specific time of the year.  Here are some things you need to do to prepare your home and yard for the fall.  If you missed my post on 5 things you can get rid of in the fall you can check that out here.

Put away or secure your outdoor summer furniture.  I always take my pillows and cushions in several weeks after our pool is closed down.  If you have covers for your outdoor furniture use those.  If you want to keep your furniture from weathering and you don’t have covers, it’s a good idea to store them for the winter.  It is also hurricane season and it is best to have all of these things already taken care of.

8 things to do to prepare your home and yard for the fall. jennelyinteriors.com

Fertilize and seed your lawn.  Fall is the time to aerate and seed your lawn.  You really have to think ahead so that your lawn looks beautiful in the spring.  Get on the schedule for this early.  Everyone is doing this at the same time so I would contact your lawn care company around August so it can be done in mid-September.

Plant bulbs so they will come up in the spring.  This is another thing that you have to do ahead of time. I love flowers that come up in the spring and I don’t have to do anything.  In order for that to happen you have to be super organized in the fall.  Check with your local nursery or sites like Pinterest to see what flowers do well in your area and need to be planted in the fall.

Flip area rugs and furniture that needs to be moved.  This is one most people don’t think about.  I have an area in my living room that gets full sun on the left side and no sun at all on the right side.  The chair and area rug get sun on one side day in and day out.  In the fall I change the chairs around and turn the area rug around too.

8 things to do to prepare your home and yard for the fall. jennelyinteriors.com

Clean your gutters.  This is a boring and tedious job, but a good one to do this time of year.  Lots of leaves fall in early autumn, so if you clean your gutters about mid-November you will get all those leaves out and have clean gutters.

Flip your mattresses.  You spend a lot of time in bed.  Since the mattress is being used quite frequently you need to flip it once a year.  This is something I hate to do, but think it is important.

Change the batteries in your fire Detectors.  I don’t know about your home, but our batteries in our fire detectors will beep about every minute and let us know when they need to be changed.  However, I hate that noise.  It is so annoying.  Since they all need to be changed about the same time.  I think it is good to change them in the fall at a set time.

8 things to do to prepare your home and yard for the fall. jennelyinteriors.com

Shut down your pool and winterize your sprinkler system.   I like to get on the schedule early to shut down our pool.  If we don’t entertain over the Labor Day weekend then I try to do it then.  My family is usually over the pool by this time in the summer.  Also, I like to have the sprinklers shut down by our company.  They can winterize them for the season so the pipes don’t freeze and burst when it gets cold.

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