The 5 Things You Can Get Rid of Every Fall

I have been cleaning and decluttering like it’s my job.  There is just something about the structure of a new school year that has me all motivated to get my entire house in order.  I have been in the attic, closets, and even the garage. I know spring is the time to do your big clean out, but I have found that right before I bring out my Christmas stuff I like everything to be nice and tidy.  In my cleaning, I found 5 things that are perfect to get rid of in the fall.

Things you can get rid of in the Fall

Make-up is one of the things that I have gone through to find what has expired or is just past its prime.  Fall is also a great time to clean all your make-up brushes.  If you don’t keep your packaging then write the date you should get rid of the product on the bottom.  Then you will know exactly how long to keep the product. I have really sensitive skin that breaks out for no reason so I don’t need to give it another reason.

Magazines and books are great example of items you can clean out.  I had so many of these I kind of looked like a hoarder.  I had a design magazine from 2003.  So first of all none of the stuff in there would have been in style. It also means the magazine made it through 2 home moves.  I’m really embarrassed about that fact.  Also books are great for donating to schools, libraries, and thrift stores.

I got rid of a ton of paperwork that was cluttering up my attic.  I had case studies from 2000.  Now I have to shred all of this stuff which will take forever.  Why on earth would I have kept files for that long?  I even found tax info dating back 15 years.  I know that’s important paperwork, but I know you don’t have to keep them that long.

Clean out your spices and other pantry food that may have expired.  This is a great time to go through all your spices and pantry food.  Check the dates on all canned and boxed food.  Sometimes I will get real ambitious like I’m going to bake.  I get brownie and cake mixes and then they sit in the pantry and of course they expire.

Go through your summer items that you won’t use next year.  If you know those flip flops you used all summer won’t make it another day then just thrown them away.  Also old sunscreens and lotions can be thrown away as well.  They do have expiration dates.

If you think of anymore great items to declutter in the fall let us all know by commenting below.  The next post goes along with our monthly prep for Christmas that started in September.  That is a great post so come back on Friday!

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