How to Change Your Decor and Accessories without Spending Much Money

Don’t you admire those people that just look all put together?  The shoes and bag just go perfectly with the outfit and the jewelry is on point.  It seems like those people can also accessorize their home.  I guess it is a similar concept because home decor and accessories are similar to your bling.  It is paying attention to the little details that others notice but can’t quite put their finger on.  Accessorizing makes a huge difference in decorating.  We’re going to talk about how to change up your decor without spending much money.

Use your accessories and decor in different places to create a fresh look.

The first thing I like to do is decide what color scheme I will be using.  Especially if there is an upcoming season change or a holiday coming up.  Then I pick out my inspiration piece.  I usually start with a rug, pillow, or amazing artwork that really gives the room a focal point. Usually this will give you an idea of what colors you will be using for the entire room.  For some tips on paint colors check out this post.

Shop your house to save money on decor and accessories.

Then I like to shop my house.  This is very important for saving money and using your resources wisely.  I go around my house and gather all artwork, accessories, and decor that match in my color scheme.  I also include any metals that I think I could use.  Remember you can mix metals.  You would be surprised at how well this works.  When you put items in a different spot in your home they look completely different.  Then I carry the accessories from room to room and decide which accessories and decor go best in their new location.

Use your accessories and decor in different places to create a fresh look.

You will notice in the series of pictures, I included an example of how I used this technique with the picture of my daughter. I have used it in almost every room of my house.  First off it is an amazing picture of my daughter.  It is so versatile because it is large and black and white and goes with almost all my decor.  It gives every spot I’ve moved it to a very unique and different look.  I really don’t know which place I like it best.  I’m sure you have pillows or artwork that also can be moved to several rooms of your home.  Design is really about being resourceful and repurposing your items wisely.  Think about that when you make a purchase.  If you can use it in more than one place and several times during the year then maybe it is a good purchase.

Use your accessories and decor in different places to create a fresh look.

Lastly, I have a place in my attic where I have built-in shelves where I can easily see my decor pieces.  This really helped because when I had my things boxed up I forgot what I had and ended up buying things I already owned.  Not only were duplicates a problem I felt too structured.  I was always using the same exact stuff in the same way.  When things are boxed up as a set you tend to put those exact things together each time.  With my new system I can pick and choose what I want from my open shelving and design new spaces and vignettes. It gives you way more creative range and is so much easier in terms of organization.

I hope you were able to take something away from this post.  If nothing else, I hope you will shop your home before you go out and purchase new things. It really makes a difference in terms of saving money and later on clutter in your home.

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