Bold Color Risks

Working That Pop of Color

Adding a pop of unexpected color to a room will give you an inexpensive design choice without sacrificing your style options. I wanted to keep the walls a neutral color, but I also wanted to do something bold with a few furniture pieces and some accent decorations. I knew the solid blue rug and the glam white sofas were the bulk pieces in the room that really held the room together. However, I really wanted to take a risk with the chairs and the coffee table and those pieces are what I fell in love with in this room.

Living room
A view of my entire Living room.

Those furniture pieces are what make this room stand out amongst other rooms with similar color palettes. Because I had neutral colors as anchoring pieces, I was able to take the chairs and push the envelope a little with the texture on the outer section.

My favorite chairs that took me 8 months to find

I also chose to go with the bright orange accent color.  I love how it gives the room the right amount of flair that I needed to brighten the room and bump up my style factor.  Using pillows as accents are an easy way to change out color seasonally, or when you want to do a little inexpensive touch up in a room.  I love the way the tray on the coffee table is the perfect shade of orange to match the pillow.

orange pillows
My orange pillow covers are genius.


Orange tray
Beautiful orange Tray brightens up the room

For the gallery wall in the living room, I chose to have our various family portraits along the wall in different groupings.  I planned our clothing around what room I was going to display the portraits.  I knew I wanted to have neutral colors with pops of orange in the picture. I wanted my husband to be the bold color and for the rest of the family to anchor around him.  With us wearing white with pops of color in our scarves, I thought the grouping would work well in the living room.  The orange in my outdoor furniture also matched the orange in his shirt and really pulled the look together.  I think the gallery wall gives the room the personal touch it was lacking. Next time you take family photos, first, envision where they will go and then pick out your clothing so that it matches some coloring for that room.

Gallery Wall
Family Gallery Wall with a pop of color

Does the room your working on need a bold pop of color?  If so, make that your goal for the upcoming season or next holiday.  I would love to see the projects you are working on. For other decorating ideas, follow me on pinterest to see more beautiful decor ideas (see icon in right hand corner).

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