An Inviting Entryway

Stylish First Impression

When someone steps into your home, you want them to feel welcome as soon as they walk through the door. Your entryway can make a great first impression and set the tone for the rest of the house. This room needs to be functional to store outerwear and shoes, (especially if you don’t have a mudroom) It also gives your guests a sneak peek as to what they will see inside the rest of your home. As a design rule of thumb, you want to pay close attention to the size of your entryway and be realistic of what you can really do in this space. You want the entryway to be practical for storage so things are not cluttered and look nice for guests’ arrival. Mine is two story, but where I put my console table is not. Just remember to keep things to scale and you can’t go wrong. Your decorating options are endless.

entry way
You want your entryway to be welcoming to your guests

Your entryway becomes a real focal point as soon as you enter the home.  Some people don’t have a mantel and this vignette becomes their main decorating space for special decor and holiday favorites. You want to create a space that is functional for you. The last thing you want to do is to replicate a cookie cutter model of a blogger’s mantel or a magazine picture that doesn’t reflect your style or your needs. All floor plans are different and require personal touches depending on how you will be using your foyer.

Now, let’s jump into the fun part. My glass vases are from pier one and luckily I bought them on sale. The wooden carving wall art and wooden decorative vase are from Target.  I love finding beautiful items that look expensive, but are so reasonably priced.  You don’t have to use all high priced items when decorating.  You can mix and match and your vignettes will turn out lovely.  The key is to shop often and to watch your sales papers.  Have a plan, know what your looking for, and get ideas from decorating magazines, pinterest, and your instagram friends.  These are all very visual and should give you tons of ideas.

Frontgate throw
This cashmere throw is from Frontgate.

You can also change out your entryway for the holidays and add in seasonal decor.  That is an easy and quick way to decorate your house without going into too much detail, but putting forth a big effort.  For other great posts on entryways check out Kathy, from The daily Nest.  She has an amazing blog and her entryway article is one you don’t want to miss.  For pictures click (here). Lastly, one of my favorite bloggers, Liz, from Lizmarieblog, does a lot of DIY projects.  Her Valentine vignette was done using wood that she glued together and finished off with other decorations. I just love it and all the other projects in her home.  Go check her out (here.)

Glass vases
Beautiful Glass vases from Pier 1.
Decorative moss
Wooden vase from Target with moss from Michaels

I can’t wait to decorate this console for spring.

Happy decorating!

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