Gift Wrapping Made Easy

Spicing Up Your Gift Wrapping

I’m close to being done with my Christmas shopping. Yeah Me!!!  I think if I go out one more time, I will have everything checked off my list.  I keep all my lists and notes in this one white composition notebook. If I lost that bad boy, I would be in some serious organizational trouble.  I have so many check list of what I’ve bought, What has arrived, what Santa is giving and you get my drift… I decided this year I wasn’t going to wait until the last minute to wrap the gifts.  My kids have to go to school the day before Christmas Eve.  Can you BELIEVE that???  What are they thinking?? So I’m trying to finish all my “to do list” prior to them getting out for break.   That way we can spend as much quality time together as possible.

When it comes to wrapping gifts, I try to pick out paper that matches my trees and I coordinate the package colors to the certain family parties we attend.  For example, my kids each get their own colored wrapping paper so it is easy to sort on Christmas morning.  Then I put all the presents that go to my grandparent’s party under the “red tree” wrapped in some type of red paper.  It really is an easy system and looks so beautiful.

Black and Red packages
I love using Black and Red together

I love using speciality items to make packages look their best. Ornaments and bows work well.  The red star was an ornament I bought this year from Target.  The Christmas tree frame on the black package was from Michaels.  I also like to buy the fruit bouquets from Michaels and then cut off the leafs, fruit, and pinecones (as seen above).  They usually cost around $14.00. This year I was able to use 1 bouquet on 11 packages. Cookie cutters are always a big hit too.

Frozen wrapping paper
Frozen wrapping paper for the kids

You can’t forget about the kids.  I love adding special things to their packages.  I used the Frozen themed paper for my nieces this year because they both love that movie.  I bought a Frozen cup and attached it to the outside of one of the gifts. I thought the bell ornament was also a cute idea.  I’ve also done lip glosses and nail polishes in the past for tweens.

Blak and Tan
Black and Tan package combination
decorating gifts
Using unique pieces to decorate gifts

The black and tan has to be my favorite paper this year. It just goes to show you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make your gift wrapping look nice.  You can take things you have at your house or get things from the Dollar Store and use them to spice up your packages.  Thanks for reading.  I hope you saw a couple ideas that will work for you. Have a blessed holiday.

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