Decorating For Fall Without Losing your Style

I love when fall rolls around.  What’s not to love?  You get cooler weather, great drinks at Starbucks, football, chunky sweaters and boots.  I also love the decor we will be putting around the house over the next couple of months. However, in fall we have several holidays that have traditional colors that may not match your everyday style.  I’m going to tell you some tips on how to decorate for fall without losing your style.

Decorating for fall should be fun and it can be.  You don’t have to immediately think of putting a bunch of red leaves and orange pumpkins all around your house.  My house is really monochromatic and neutral in most rooms.  Of course these colors really would clash with my everyday style.  My home is the perfect example to explain this concept.

You don’t have to force color combos that don’t go with your decor.   Instead, you can mix metals and neutrals to show off your fall decor while staying true to your style.  Forcing odd colors will make your fall decor look out of place and just placed on an end table or mantel.  It won’t look like it blends with the room.

Decorate for fall without losing your style.

How do you use mixed metals in fall decor?  Instead of reds and oranges how about using copper, rose gold, silver and gold.  I love using copper and rose gold in the fall.  I use it way more than orange. Pottery barn has some amazing mercury glass pumpkins right now that I really want. They would make such an amazing display on a mantel or in a small vignette.

How to use mixed metals in your fall decorating.

You can easily add a fall like ambiance to a room by adding the appropriate lighting or candle light.  If a room is feeling too dark, warm it up with some candles.  I love candles.  It truly is an obsession and the fall scents are unbelievably cozy.  They make you want to curl up by the fire with a warm blanket and read a book.  How can a scent do that?

Warm up a room quickly with these candles from Pottery Barn. jennelyinteriors,com

In this picture I have those gray pillows in this room year round.  I added the mustard pillows that have the gray mixed in them.  That was a way I could pull in the natural feel of the room while also adding a little fall touch.  Then I added 3 pumpkins and a mustard vase on the coffee table and that is all I did in this room.  I didn’t go crazy and yet it still looks different from what it looked like in the summer.

You can use neutrals in your fall decor and still feel festive without losing your style.

Holidays only come once a year so you can be festive without going overboard. Don’t put out everything you own.  There doesn’t need to be something on every surface and every wall of your home.  Sometimes understated is more dramatic and gives off a more elegant look.  You can see in this picture the tree became an extension of the room.  The color scheme and decor were already determined.

You can decorate for the holidays without losing your style.

I hope you were able to get some tips from this post to use in your own home. If you have any questions about fall decor or decorating in general leave a comment below.  I am excited about the next couple of months and the content that’s to follow.  I hope you will come back!

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