How to Create Inspiration Boards Using Pinterest

Have you ever made an inspiration board?  I used to make them by tearing out magazine pages and putting together a collage. Now that we have Pinterest, it is easy to put an incredible one together.  You can make a board that represents your taste and share it or keep it as a secret board.  Branding yourself and your business is a big deal these days and there are design companies that will help you create your look starting with inspiration boards.  I happened to be in Creative’s Academy (an online business course) when I was designing my logo. I had to make an inspiration board as one of our assignments.  I honestly thought it was the best part of the course.  It was fun and easy for me.  I have always had a clear cut vision of what my site or business should portray.  Executing that is a different story, but the vision was easy.  To see my inspiration board, check it out on Pinterest here.

Here are some tips for creating your own inspiration board.  It doesn’t have to be for your business.  It could just be inspiration for fashion, home decor,  or designs that you like.  Anything that inspires you can be included.  In my office, I have mood boards/bulletin boards that change constantly as seasons/holidays change. I just took down all my Christmas stuff and have replaced it with wedding pictures.  I have a wedding series coming up the week before Valentine’s.  You do not want to miss this.  I love these boards as well because they do change so frequently as color palettes and trends change.  However, your inspiration board doesn’t really change.  Just like your brand, it is something that represents you and your style.  Your logo and brand will eventually come from your inspiration board so this is something that needs to be YOU right from the start.

How to Create An Inspiration Board

  1. Think about things that represent you and your longterm style. NOT TRENDS.
  2. What color and textures are in your wardrobe?
  3. What design elements are in your home decor?
  4. What accessories do you tend to gravitate toward?
  5. What is your favorite color palette?
  6. What words would describe your business/style?

Use these questions and statements to help you pull pictures together and create an inspiration board that fits your style and personality.  If you used the link to my board you can tell the colors are cohesive and the pictures all connect in some way.

I would love to see yours boards. Send me your links. I can’t wait to see if we have anything in common or if your style is totally different.  You can follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to keep up with all the latest postings.  My posts will be getting back to the things we all love INTERIORS and PARTIES.  Thanks for hanging with me in january as I tried something a little different.

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2 thoughts on “How to Create Inspiration Boards Using Pinterest

  1. Great post, Jenn! Inspiration boards are so essential when starting a new project. When I was still in college studying design, this was always the first task we were required to do. During that time we didn’t have Pinterest but now that’s always where I begin looking for inspiration! Can’t wait for your wedding series to begin 😉

    xo – Michelle

    1. Thanks Michelle,
      Of course I love Pinterest for lots of things, but for creating project ideas it’s a lifesaver. You’re in that business where everything is visual so boards are a great place to start. In the middle of wedding decorating so look for that the week before Valentine’s.

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