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I am tickled pink to be attending my first blogging conference this weekend. Bash will be held January 14-16th in Phoenix, Arizona. This amazing event will attract party planners, bloggers, and anyone associated with the event coordinating world.  They have such an amazing set of speakers lined up for us that I can hardly contain my excitement. I have a wedding series coming up right before Valentine’s, so this conference is coming at the perfect time for me.

Packing for this event can be a little nerve wrecking, but I decided to go event by event and coordinate my wardrobe that way to make sure I packed all the necessary outfits.  It is kind of like packing for a girl’s weekend.  I will be meeting tons of new women and making connections with business contacts as well. Since this is my first time going, I will probably over pack to be on the safe side.  However, I want to try to get all my clothes in one medium sized suitcase for easy traveling.

packing for blog conference

I have worn the same travel day outfit since I can remember.  It is a long cotton skirt with a cute stripe pattern. It is comfortable and keeps me warm on the plane.  However, it is also a little dressier if you end up meeting someone on your way to the event.  I also have a black long sweater from Cache.  That store went out of business, but I’m literally obsessed with this sweater.  I once left it in the airport on the way to NY and my husband spent the whole weekend tracking it down for me so when I returned they had it waiting for me at the gate.  He’s the best.  #superhusband, #favoritesweater.

As I lay out each outfit I’m going to lay out the coordinating shoes and jewelry.  This way I don’t forget anything important.  Lastly, I will pack toiletries and hair products.  I know if you have a roommate it’s a good idea to bring a power strip.  There is never enough outlets for phone chargers, hair tools etc….

The best thing to do when packing is to pack layering outfits.  You never know what kind of temperature the venue will be set on.  To make yourself comfortable, bring sweaters that you can put on or take off depending on the temperature.

Take extra charging devices.  You will more than likely be using your phone to look up things and take tons of pictures.  Know your phones data will be used without wifi sometimes during the trip.  Bring an alternate source.

Having your camera is so important.  Of course you’re there to learn and have fun, but you’re also there to work and document your trip for your readers.  It will be worth dragging your big camera around.

Take something to write on or record your notes that you take during your sessions.  Don’t expect the speaker to have the notes outlined for you.  In this day and age of going green, not many places xerox packets of paper.

Since you will be meeting new bloggers and tons of vendors, you will need to bring your business cards.  You want to get your name out to as many people as possible.  This is your time to shine and stand out amongst the crowd.

Well I think I’m all packed and ready to go.  I hope I have everything I need and I can’t wait to meet so many new contacts and friends.  I hope this post has been helpful.  I will be doing a follow up from the conference with photos later.

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2 thoughts on “Packing For Bash Blogging Conference

    1. Michelle,
      I just got back and I had a good time. It was on the smaller side which I liked so I could get to know people better. I saw Kim from TomKat Studio so I was glad to meet her and hear her speak. Now it’s off to wedding plan.

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