My Best Christmas Decorating Tips 2019

Every year I compile a list of my best tips and tricks for Christmas.  You know this is my favorite time of year but I pretty much think about it year round.  You can find last year’s tips here.  If you’re ready for one of my best posts of the year let’s get going.

You don’t have to buy an expensive tree skirt for your tree.  You can go to a fabric store and buy a piece of fabric for your tree.  You are getting exactly what you want to match your color theme and it’s definitely cheaper.

Best Christmas tips and tricks for 2019

Bring you bottom tree branches closer to the ground when you’re fluffing and prepping the tree.  It definitely makes the tree look more realistic.  Add artificial picks or even real branches if you need to.

People ask me should they buy an expensive tree.  You don’t have to have one to get an amazing look.  Invest in the neutral ornament colors so you build a good base set.  Then if you want to change something up every year.  Spend money on ribbons that you can change out from year to year.

Best Christmas tips and tricks for 2019

Put your highly reflective ornaments on the inside or center of the tree.  These are your real shiny ornaments.  When you look at the tree it is almost like looking in a mirror. Being in the center of the tree helps to cover wires, the pole in an artificial tree,  and light cords.

If you have a shatterproof  ornament that has a broken top piece; save it so you can use it to push back inside the tree.  I call these space savers.  I rarely throw anything away.  I can usually find a use for it in some way.

Put your ornate and beautiful ornaments toward the outer edge.  You definitely want those to be seen.  Make sure they are on a branch where they can be displayed in a spot to showcase their beauty.

Step back and check where you need some balance.  You may need some ornaments that dangle in the holes.  At this point you can take hooks and manipulate them to make the ornaments hang at the length you need them.  Or you can move branches to the spot you want them in.  That’s why I love artificial trees.

Best Christmas tips and tricks for 2019

I like to start with one color and distribute those around in a pattern before I go to the next color.  I’m always making sure I have enough of the color I’m working on so I can distribute all the materials evenly. I want everything to be as symmetrical as possible.

I hope these tips were helpful and some were new to you so you can take away something this year to make your decorating a little easier.  I would love for you to send me pictures so I can see your decor.  Connect with me so we can stay in touch often.

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