Winter wonderland Christmas home tour

This is my favorite post of the year.  I get to share the holiday I love the most with you guys.  I put a lot of time and effort into decorating my home for Christmas because this time of year is so important to me and my family.  I love the magic of this season and what it stands for.  Everyone seems to be so hopeful like anything is possible. You add good Christmas carols and a Hallmark movie and I’m set.  If you’re new to my site I appreciate you stopping in and I hope you will come back soon to see other aspects of design and lifestyle.  Now let’s get started on this winter wonderland tour.

Silver and gold flocked tree for the winter wonderland Holiday House tour.

My theme for this year is a very neutral palette.  However I think it turned out to be very glam.  I chose this theme early in 2018 when I saw these gray peonies at Michaels.  I started thinking that I should use that on my Christmas tree.  I knew I could do white, gold, silver, and gray.  The great thing about that is 75% of what I needed for this tree I already owned.  I really try to stress to people that if you build up your neutral ornaments like the ones I just mentioned you will be able to use them year after year.


This flocked 9′ tree is so grand and beautiful.  It took 6 months of researching before I purchased it. It was from overstock but is sold out right now.   I really love it and it doesn’t create a lot of mess either.  I didn’t do a whole lot of ribbon on my tree this year.  I really felt it didn’t need it.  I did a little bit of charcoal velvet bows with curly cue tails just for some feminine details, but that’s all.  I’m not going to say a bunch more.  I’m going to let you look at the photos.  That’s what you really came for!

3 Christmas trees done in silver, gold and white for a glam, Christmas look. 9' flocked tree- Jenn Ely Interiors

If you remember I had my gorgeous zebra chairs in here from Horchow and a blue rug from Pottery Barn.   You can see the look here in my fall house tour.   When I had this idea I knew that blue carpet would really clash so I got this inexpensive rug to pull this look together.  Plus I can use this in the dining room or my bedroom after Christmas.

I love the neutral palette I used on my 9' flocked tree this year. This gold and silver classic look is always in style.

I decided to do this theme when I saw these beautiful gray, full peonies at Michaels.  I just knew I was putting them on my tree.

3 stunning Christmas trees done in white, gold and silver for a Winter Wonderland glam look. Jenn Ely Interiors

I love the look of fresh flowers.  I get most of mine from Trader Joe’s. They have such a good selection for a great price.

These packages give the tree the finishing touches it needed. Most are from Sugar Paper LA.

Most of my decorative boxes are from Sugar Paper.  I collect a few new ones each year from their selection at Target.  That gray marbled one is from Target and the polka dot one was from Home Goods.

I love when Christmas trees give off that bokeh look. It is so magical.

Don’t you love the magical glow of bokeh on a Christmas tree?  It’s that glow you get from a photography technique done on Christmas trees with your camera. You put the front object in focus and make the tree in the background blurry.

Even when this flocked tree is turned off it's gorgeous. Jenn Ely Interiors

This 9′ flocked tree has a combination of white, silver, gold and gray ornaments and accessories on it. I love those big gold ones from Frontgate.  I put the jeweled appliqués on them from Canterbury Gardens in California. They’re a little pricey, but oh my they are gorgeous.

This is my favorite mantel to date. It is very full, but love the finished look with the gray peonies and the big white bows.

This is one of my favorite mantels I’ve ever done.  It is very full and detailed, but I love the look.  I took some of the same materials I used in in my tree and used them in the mantel so I could  tie the two looks together.  The gray florals look amazing against all the white and those bows give it the finishing touch.

This aerial view of the whole room is so beautiful. The attention to detail was key in this room right down to changing out the rug for Christmas.

I love this aerial view of the whole room.  It looks so glam from this angle.  You can see everything pulled together so nicely from up here on the second floor.

The green trees decked out in mainly white decor as just as beautiful as the flocked trees.

The green trees turned out just as lovely as the flocked one.  I did them mostly in white.  I thought the white on the green would be very pretty.  I didn’t put any gray on these, but I did do the gold and silver here and there throughout this tree.

I love the reindeer at the base of this tree. He is so regal!

I love this glittered reindeer from Z Gallerie.  Even though he’s quite glam.  He looks so regal.

I loved using gold and silver to create a neutral palette in my dining room this Christmas.

I love the way my dining room table turned out this year.  I always love when I can use my silver cake plate in my decor.  The silver tablecloth is from Mode Living.  It was the perfect shade to go with my theme this year.

I loved using gold and silver to create a neutral palette in my dining room this Christmas.

The fresh flowers are from Trader Joes.  I love all their gorgeous flowers because they make me look good.   I pretend that I know how to put together beautiful arrangements.  But I do think these will do just fine.

I loved using gold and silver to create a neutral palette in my dining room this Christmas.

I got the placemats from Home Goods and the vases are from TJ Maxx.  My China plate is Lenox Eternal and all the other plates and bowls are ones I’ve had from other sets and just pulled together.  None of them were purchased together.

I loved using gold and silver to create a neutral palette in my dining room this Christmas.

I hope you enjoyed my home tour this year.  I put my heart and soul into my Christmas decor, but I really enjoy it.  Come back for part 2 on Wednesday and I will be posting on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays through January.  There is just so much great content out there to share.  If you have any questions or comments please leave those below.  I love when you guys comment.  You can check out my home tours from 2017, 2016 and 2015 here.  Also check out my Instagram, facebook, and Pinterest.  Happy decorating!

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    1. Pat,
      You are the sweetest. Thank you for your kind words. I’m so glad you liked it. I wasn’t sure if the neutrals would show up in pics as good as the red from last year. I’m excited to hear about what everyone else is doing in their home.

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