My Favorite Fashion Bloggers

I really enjoy fashion as a hobby.  I have found several fashion bloggers that I just love to follow. They really wear some beautiful clothing and know all the latest trends. Since fashion and decor are so closely related,  I wanted to share my favorite fashion bloggers with you so you could be up to date on all the latest spring fashions.

Check out my five favorite fashion bloggers for all the latest in spring trends.

Leanne Barlow from has the best style, but seems like the girl next door that could be your best friend.  She has three little boys that are the cutest and she dresses them to the nines.  She does something I haven’t seen anyone else do.  She makes these fabulous dresses in the dress of the month series.  You can see them on her Instagram or her blog. They are so amazing.  I’ve never seen anyone take a hard skill and make it look so effortless.  She is definitely one you want to check out.  Check out her Instagram as well.

Emily from is beautiful, has gorgeous hair, and an amazing wardrobe that we would all love to have.  However, she seems so down to earth and loves to spend time with her family and connect with her followers. If you want hair tips, fashion reviews, and some travel sprinkled in; than Emily’s blog and Instragram are great places to check out some amazing content.

Check out my five favorite fashion bloggers for all the latest spring trends.

Rachel Parcell from pinkpeonies was one of the first blogs I ever read.  Her site is such a glamorous place to find fashion and decor ideas. I was instantly hooked and am still one of her loyal followers. I Also have purchased some of her apparel so check out her site for her clothing line. Her sister and sister- in-law also have very popular blogs.  Her home decor and Christmas posts are just as popular as her fashion posts. She is building a house right now and of course everyone can’t wait to see the finished product.

Jade of aspoonfulofstyle is one of those women that just seems to have it all together. Don’t you love those women that push you to do better? She is a gorgeous blonde with two adorable little kids.  Her daughter just turned three and her son is one.  She talks about high end, trendy fashion as well as affordable pieces that you can mix in your everyday wardrobe. Sometimes she mentions kid’s clothing that she dresses her own kids in. what a great bonus. You can check her out on her Instagram here.

My last favorite fashion blogger is Caitlin from southerncurlsandpearls.  She is very young and and I love her take on what is current in fashion.  I love that her mom takes her photos and she really seems down to earth and family oriented.  She includes travel and fitness posts as well. She is engaged and I’m starting to see pics on her Instagram about the wedding. If you guys follow my Pinterest, you know I’m obsessed with wedding planning. Here is a post I did on a small wedding I threw for my cousin and his fiancé. I also have a post on throwing a gorgeous wedding without flowers.

If you are into fashion as much as I am or you’re just looking for some new bloggers to follow, check out some of these ladies.  I don’t think you will be disappointed.  Have a great weekend.

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