The Georgia Peach

We have been back for 2 weeks since our trip to St. Thomas and I have to tell you It’s going to be a long time until summer break. Why do they give us so many holidays and days off the rest of the year and then make us go from April to June without a single break?  YIKES!!!!!  To help me remember our wonderful time away I wanted to bring back something to help remind me of the Virgin Islands. Almost every drink they made had some form of rum in it.  So we’re going to use coconut rum and my love of peach schnapps to make The Georgia Peach.  I think it is a great drink to make for a small dinner party or a girl’s night in.

The Georgia Peach

        1 oz Coconut Rum

        1 oz Peach Schnapps

        1 oz Vodka

        2 oz Ginger Ale

Pour the first 3 ingredients into a shaker filled with ice.  Shake well and strain.  Pour into 2 chilled martini or fluted glasses. Top with the Ginger Ale.  For an added touch, garnish with a peach slice.

Georgia Peach Martini

You don’t have to be on vacation to enjoy a relaxing evening with family and friends.  The small things that make us happy are sometimes right in our own backyard.

Yours Truly,


2 thoughts on “The Georgia Peach

  1. YUM! Peach is one of Brian’s favorite flavors and I have a bottle of coconut rum waiting to be opened at home. Sounds like I know what our drink of choice will be this weekend 😉 especially after the stress this week has brought. Thanks for the recipe and enjoy your weekend, Jenn!

    xo – Michelle

    1. Michelle,
      I hope you and Brian had a relaxing weekend and tried the Georgia Peach. Doesn’t it seem like a lot of drinks have coconut rum in them? That’s good stuff. Have you found a wedding venue yet? If so I would love to hear all about it and possibly see a picture.

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