The Workout I Did To Lose 35 Pounds

I got such a good response to my weight loss post that you guys were asking so many questions about how I lost the weight.  I thought I would tell you the workouts I did so you could check them out if you were interested.  This is the exact workout I did to lose 35 pounds.  I was very consistent and did this along with strength training.  You do not need a gym to do this.  All you need is access to the internet and room to move.

This is the exact workout I did to lose 35 pounds.

I was a dancer growing up and actually wanted to be a dance teacher until I realized the crazy hours that I would have to work.  However, choreography and dance always remained a huge part of my life.  I loved making up routines and following classes already choreographed to music.  I found some great, free Youtube channels that I liked that I could string together to create a workout routine.  Below are the sites that I used and one of the workouts that I do listed in the order I do it in from warm up to cool down.  If you already have a great workout program that’s awesome!  Keep doing what works for you. If you want to try this one that’s great too.  I do not have a background in nutrition so consult a Dr. before starting a new workout routine.

It’s also important to note that sometimes your body becomes accustomed to what you do in your eating and exercise habits.  It is a great idea to change up your routines to keep your body guessing.  I love to play tennis and hike/walk on an incline.  So I try to throw those in when I can to give my body a little surprise.

For dance routines I use on Youtube:

Fitness Marshall

Dance Fitness with Jessica

Matt Steffanina

Fitness Blender

For ideas on meal prep and strength training I use:

*Whitney Simmons

Jen Heward

Heidi Somers

For a forty-five minute session here is the workout I do:

Eastside- Fitness Marshall (warm up)

2002- Fitness Marshall

Sorry- Fitness Marshall

Hey Mama- Fitness Marshall

Work- Fitness Marshall

London Bridge- Fitness Marshall

Swalla- Fitness Marshall

Heat- Fitness Marshall

Portugal Man- Fitness Marshall

Pep Rally -Jessica Dance Fitness

Water Dance- Jessica Dance Fitness

Booty Had me Like- Jessica Dance Fitness

D.R.A.M. -Jessica Dance Fitness

Needed Me- Fitness Marshall

Pillow talk-Fitness Marshall (cool down)

You can also do the Fitness Marshall’s sweat set which picks 45 minutes worth of songs so you don’t have to stop and pick the songs yourself.  It’s continuous! However it still has ads included.  He changes it every couple weeks so it doesn’t get boring.

The Fitness Blender is a husband and wife team that has over 500 free fitness videos.  I think it is amazing that they can keep quality workout videos free.  Check them out if you’re looking for a specific workout like Yoga or Hiit.

Matt Steffanina is a fun dancer, but his routines are a little harder for beginners so I left him out of this workout schedule. He is amazing and I would love for you to try him out as well.  I think you will like it.  If you find a dance you like he has a tutorial channel to teach the dances.  The tutorial links can be found on the actual dance video you like or on his second channel.

 I hope this helps.  You can also go to your local gym and check out what they have there in terms of classes and weights.  You can also find a personal trainer that can help you get started. This is just what I did because I really enjoy dance and choreography.  I usually do about 45 minutes which is the routine above. If you want to make it 30 minutes just cut out 15 minutes of the routine.  Also, You can make any of it low impact by keeping one foot on the ground at all times.  I time myself with my phone. I also stop the clock when any ads play or when I’m at the end of the song.  Keep moving though in between those times.

What is your favorite form of exercise?  I would love to know how you are staying in shape and making it fun.  I always need good ideas because I don’t want to become complacent and get in a rut.  That’s when your body stops responding.  Also now that I’m maintaining I really love Tammy’s Organize Yourself Skinny program.  Her website is amazing.  She gives tons of tips and tricks to stay on your program.  You kind of need something to help you stay motivated to stick to your goal weight.

2 thoughts on “The Workout I Did To Lose 35 Pounds

  1. Hi Jenn,

    I hope you are well. This post is great, it resonates with me as I wanted to be a choregrapher too. I just wondered how many times a week you would do this workout? I’m currently doing the Fitness Marshalls Britney sweat set but wondered how many times a week I should do it to see results?



    1. Hi,
      So sorry this has taken me so long to respond. I have had some major health problems, but am trying to get back in the swing of things. I did it religiously 5 times a week. But I really enjoy working out and see it more of a mental release too. I hope this helps!


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