Things I’m Loving on ETSY

Here is a list of a couple of the shops I’m loving on ETSY.  I have ordered several things lately due to me throwing a couple parties and I’m just obsessed with shopping on ETSY now.  Here are some of the sites that I’ve been on lately.  I thought you might want to check these sites out and do a little shopping yourself.  You never know what one site will lead to.  That’s what happens with me and Pinterest.  Does that happen to anyone else?

These are the things I'm loving on Etsy right now. Check them out.

ETSY Stores That May Interest You

Check out The State of Love store on ETSY. You need to have these comfy sweatshirts in your life.  Not only are they comfy, but they have adorable sayings on them. I love the one that says, “I can’t adult today.”  Who doesn’t feel like that some days.  Especially on a Monday.  I’m a blogger. I can wear what I want to work.  Maybe you should save yours for the weekend.

I’ve done a lot of wedding purchases lately and I’ve started following a lot of Instagram accounts in the bridal category. I’m OBSESSED. If you’re looking for a great cake topper  Let’s Top That  has tons of different versions.  You can find Mr. & Mrs. or you can customize your name.  The sky is the limit.  I had a music box with a dove on a bible as my cake topper.  There wasn’t much to choose from 20 years ago.  Now, you can really shoot for the stars at your wedding with these designs.

I Love these white napkins with gold polka dots.  I am kind of a hoarder when it comes to collecting dinner napkins.  And of course I love anything polka dots or stripes.  So these are a double whammy for me.  I need these in my life.  Any holidays coming up so somebody can get them for me?

Cara McGrady’s shop One Swell Studio has the most gorgeous party invitations, printables, and party decor sets.  If you are throwing a children’s party, bridal shower, or baby shower you have to check out her store.  She even shows amazing ways to style some of the themed parties.  One of my favorites is the lumberjack party.  I’m a sucker for red checked prints.  Did you see my Christmas decor?  If you didn’t, you need to check that out. You’ll see red everywhere.

Check out these porcelain mixing bowls with the nesting rest area for your wooden spoons by Muddy Heart. I love the look of these bowls.  These would make a great Mother’s Day gift if your mom is into baking or is a nifty cook.  I have done much better in the kitchen department lately.  I have found some keeper recipes off Pinterest.  Maybe my kids will read this post (hint, hint).

If you are throwing a party and you’re looking for customized labels, check out Label with Love. They make beautiful labels for all occasions.  You will fall in love with the branding of this company.  I love beautiful things and I love them even more if they make me look like a good hostess (and these labels will definitely make you look good).

SC Stockshop sells beautifully styled stock photos for bloggers and other creative entrepreneurs. I bought one of their photos when I was rebranding my site with my new logo. The picture perfectly matched the colors of my brand and was styled with items that I felt portrayed the look I was going for.  My site looks so professional and I get tons of complements.

I love when people show me new stores to check out.  I hope some of

these will be just what you are looking for.

You never know when you will need that perfect invitation

or label for a party you are throwing.

Thanks for stopping by.

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