What to do if your Furniture is out of Style

Do you have some furniture that is out of style and you can’t afford to buy anymore right now?  There are some things you can do.  First, I try to purchase classic and timeless furniture that will not go out of style and throw in trendy pieces here and there.  I don’t have to change out furniture because I usually go with a neutral couch.  Then I just change out accessories according to the seasonal changes.  However, here is what you can do if your furniture is out of style and you can’t afford to buy new right now.

There are some easy things you can do to a dining room or kitchen table that is out of style. You can cover it with an elegant tablecloth.  I have some gorgeous ones and for some reason I only bring them out at the holidays.  I really should get some use out of my linens.  I’m not a huge fan of my dated dining room table, but am not ready to purchase anything new for that room just yet.  AND… I love my kitchen farmhouse table that seats 6 so I can always use that one!

What to do if your furniture is out of style. jennelyinteriors.com

Another idea is to recycle your pieces or repurpose them..  You could take furniture that is amazingly built, but a little dated and paint it.  Think of the possibilities before getting rid of good furniture.

What to do if your furniture is out of style. jennelyinteriors.com

The simplest and cheapest idea is to change out the hardware.  You wouldn’t believe how changing knobs and handles could make a piece of furniture look entirely different.  It really can update a piece and bring it into this decade in about an hour.

Another way to update furniture is to reupholster the fabric.  You will want to choose quality fabric and keep the repeat pattern in mind when checking this out. Since this is something you will be using on a daily basis, I would use very good fabric.  You don’t want those little fuzzies on your furniture.

Lastly, you could just wait out the trend.  When you really love something why care what anyone else thinks.  If you wait enough time it will come back around and be in style again.  I’m sure people everywhere are going out to buy storage units right now for all there “old” furniture that is going to come back around.

Remember, you critique your stuff harder than anyone else so think about things before making any hasty decisions.  I hope you were able to find something in the post that was helpful.  Please share with your friends that may need a little design inspiration.

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