Staging Your Home for Sale

My parents are selling their home and building.  My dad is quite talented and has built every home I lived in as a child.  We also took that crazy journey and he built 2 homes for my husband and me.  Building is quite an adventure, but it is something I love doing.  I really enjoy the process of choosing everything from the cabinet handles, paint switches, to the furniture used to furnish the home.

I love decorating with lemons to bring out the pops of yellow.

Although this time of year is perfect for selling a home, my parent’s home is in one of the higher price points.  These homes are taking longer to to sell.  My mom asked me to come and style her kitchen and sunroom as well as her dining room.  I thoroughly enjoyed doing this for her.  I actually saw a picture of some Pier 1 accessories in a magazine and knew from that picture  I was going to go with yellow and blues for my color scheme.  I gathered what I thought I would use and took off for her house.  She loved my inspiration picture so with the green light I went to work on decorating and setting up all my decor.

Dishes from Target and Pier 1 make a lovely summer arrangement that buyers are looking for.

I used a mix of dishes from Target, Pier 1, and Pottery Barn.  It is amazing how you can gather things from so many different stores and collections and they can go together as if you purchased them as a set.  First, I worked on her kitchen table. Tablescapes are my absolute favorite things to decorate.  I always keep my dining room table decorated depending on the season or holiday.  With all the blue and yellow I chose to have a centerpiece of real lemons to tie in my accent color.  I love decorating with lemons and limes.

Blue and yellow pair well together for a great summer duo.

Adding accessories to the gathering room pulled the two rooms together.

My mom has a large picture of a sailboat above her mantel so I thought I would bring in my boats to stay within her theme and continue with our blue and yellow color scheme.  I think they look amazing on top of her entertainment console. Lastly, the pillows really tie the whole room together.  I got those from Target.  I had them in a guest room at my home, but I think they look amazing here in her sunroom.

Flowers are a great choice to bring in added pops of color to a room.

After I staged the house it sold in 2 weeks.  I’m so happy that they only had the house up for sale for a total of 5 weeks.  I was very happy to do it and if it helped them sell their house then I’m very flattered. Here are some tips for staging your own home.  I hope your house sells as quickly as my parent’s home did.

Depersonalize the Space

When someone looks at a house that they are really interested in they want to envision their stuff in the space.  You may have sentimental items that mean the world to you, but your house will show better if you pack them away.  Then when you get to your new house and unpack it will be so fun to see all your special possessions again. Also, keep the walls as neutral as possible.

Get Rid of Clutter

If you get rid of the clutter and piles building up in your home it will look a lot bigger. Also rearrange the furniture properly to maximize the size of the room. A big mistake I see homeowners make is putting the wrong size furniture in a room.  Don’t stuff oversized furniture into a small room.  It just doesn’t work.  You want to make sure each room is being used to its full potential.  You don’t want a dining room being used as a playroom. It would make the buyer think your home doesn’t have enough storage. Speaking of storage, clean out closets, the attic, and kitchen cabinets.  Storage is huge.  If your storage areas are stuffed and the door won’t shut, the buyer will again think there isn’t enough storage in your home.

Spring Clean

Keeping your home in “showing” condition is quite difficult.  Especially if you have kids.  However, if you spring clean before you put the house up for sale then you just have to straighten up before potential buyers come to look at your home. You want to focus on things like dusting fans, wipe down cabinets, change out toilet seats, and clean all your grout. Most buyers want a home inspection so repair anything that is broken before you put your house up for sale.

Curb Appeal

The first thing potential buyers will see is the outside of your home.  I hate judging a book by its cover, but the outside of your home will be the first impression for the buyer.  You want to have large house numbers so delivery personnel, your friends, and your family can see where you live.  Make sure you take care of any roofing issues, update the paint job, and make sure the landscaping is fresh and the lawn manicured.  This will give you curb appeal that makes a GREAT first impression.

Focus on Small Details

The small details are what make your decor personal and unique. I like to put fresh flower arrangements in the kitchen when I can.  As you can tell by the pictures above, I like to use real lemons in my decor as well.  When you pick your theme, try to think of something you can use as an accent. If you love art then decorate with that.  The sky is the limit.

 Moving can definitely be challenging, but It’s a great opportunity to clean out some of the stuff that has been accumulating in your home. Start in plenty enough time so you’re not overwhelmed.  Good luck with your move.  Please share this post with someone else who may be moving.  They might find the styling tips helpful.

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