Couple’s Traditions for Christmas

Christmas is next week and I think I’m actually ready. Everything is wrapped and under the trees. I really took my time this year and did things early and in an organized way so I would have the least amount of stress possible.  I need to remember this for next year.  I don’t know if I can pull this off two years in a row.  I’m still thoroughly enjoying being the only one up in the wee hours of the morning and having the Christmas lights on while the house is completely dark and quiet.  It is so peaceful.

A couple of years ago I did a post on our family traditions, but I’ve never done one on things couples can do together to get those traditions started.  Maybe you don’t have kids yet or it is things you like to do as a couple without your kids.

Great Christmas traditions couples can do each year.

Volunteer for a charity.  My husband sponsors a comedy night for the homeless shelter in our community every November.  It is always a great event and so touching to take one night out of your life to give back.  It is a great time of year to do this around the holidays but it could definitely be done all year.

Cook or bake together. I’m sure you have some kind of party or gathering that you are attending and most require you to bring a dish.  Working together in the kitchen can be a great bonding experience for you and your significant other.  If your kitchen is big enough for two people then work together and start creating that special dish.  It is also helpful when it’s time to clean up.  In my opinion that is the worst part of cooking.

Great Christmas traditions couples can do each year.

Go see a local light display.  I’m sure your city or one close by has some kind of light display that you can go look at.  Ours has the Holiday Lights Merry Mile at the boardwalk in Virginia Beach.  The Million bulb Walk and the Garden of Lights at the Botanical Gardens in Norfolk.  Busch Gardens in Williamsburg has Christmas Town.  There are so many opportunities that you can pack a little basket of snacks, a blanket, and a coffee and get going for a fun, cheap evening.

Attend a Christmas Eve service together.  Our church has 3 services on Christmas Eve so they do try to accommodate your busy schedule. Some years it has just been so crowded it was standing room only.  This can be a tradition you start now as a couple and then continue when you have kids.

Exchange one gift on Christmas Eve. When we were little we always went to my grandparents and opened gifts there on Christmas Eve.  When my husband was little he opened one gift on Christmas Eve.  So as a couple you could do this.  If you guys exchange matching pajamas or ornaments you could do that gift on the 24th.

Breakfast in Bed. I think this is a cute idea.  Once you have kids and they do the whole Santa experience you will probably have big Christmas breakfasts. This  might be a cute idea for you and your spouse to do a breakfast in bed and enjoy a little quiet time before the day gets crazy with family.

Great Christmas traditions couples can do each year.

Wrap gifts together.  This can be quite a chore.   I tried this year to wrap as I bought.  Keeping up with a couple gifts at a time seemed less daunting.  I had been just doing a mass wrapping toward the end and that is a nightmare.  Thinking about having someone help seems so wonderful.  I really don’t enjoy the wrapping part so help would be wonderful and a great thing to do together.

Pick out your Christmas tree. If you get a real tree of course you are going to go together and pick one out.  If you have an artificial tree have your spouse be part of that experience too.  Most come pre-lit and are easy to put together.  I don’t think it’s about that though.  It’s about the experience.  So ask your spouse to help you for a little while (or at least be in the room watching a game while you decorate. You have to take what you can get.)

Great Christmas traditions couples can do each year.

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