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I can’t believe we are at the end of October and Halloween is almost here.  I love when Halloween is on a weekend.  Our neighborhood is finally built up enough where kids actually come to our home.  This year, I will get a couple bags of candy and we will have a great time just sitting on the porch and seeing all the costumes.  Both of my kids are too old to trick or treat, but we still love this fun night.  I’m hoping the weather will be a little chilly this weekend so it actually feels like Halloween.

One of my favorite parts of October is the amazing scents from candles, fresh baked goods, and clean, crisp air.  I have an aversion to candles with flowery scents. However, I love candles with vanilla, pumpkin, spice and of course the ones that smell like cookies and Christmas trees.  I’m a little obsessed with Bath and Body Works three wick candles. My favorite fall scent of all time is Marshmallow Fireside.  Every year my fear is they won’t bring back the candles that are my favorites. Unfortunately for my family, I hoard them.  When I find one I really like. I buy several of them.  I literally have a linen closet full of soaps and candles.  The closet actually smells like one big candle.  I think I have passed my bad habits to my daughter.  She is very much into candles too.

Bath and Bodyworks candles
My fall Bath and Body Works candles.

I also like the stove simmer scents.  They make your entire home smell like you have been baking all day long.  I love how you can make a small batch and it lasts for several weeks (as long as you keep adding water).  My favorite ones always include cinnamon and oranges.  For a great recipe, go to Clean and Scentsible by Jenn. The Christmas recipes that include cranberries and pine are fresh scents that don’t come off smelling too strong.  My husband is allergic to real Christmas trees so we stopped getting real ones soon after we were married.  I have 6 trees, but they are all artificial.  My tree scent comes from my candles and potpourri.

What kinds of candles and scents do you like for fall and Christmas?  I would love to try new candles.  I’m not as familiar with Yankee Candles so if you’re a fan of these let me know what I should try.

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2 thoughts on “Fall Scents

  1. Jenn, I seriously have a candle addiction and have a closet dedicated to scents too! (Organized by season of course.) My favorite Fall scents from Bath & Body are Leaves, Radiant Red Maple, and now Pumpkin Cheesecake! I also have that fear of them not returning my favorite scents, because it’s happened with several of my favorite Winter ones. They have a sale going on for the next 2 days – $12 each. Hope you have a happy Halloween! 🙂

    xo – Michelle

    1. Michelle,
      I love pumpkin Cheesecake too. My daughter stole that one from me. I’m going to get up there and get my winter scents. Thanks for the heads up about the sale!!!

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