The Spring Forward Top Ten List

It always seems to me when we observe daylight savings day my allergies can immediately tell all the spring blooms are being pollinated.  They are sure gorgeous and I love the weather, but I could really do without the yellow on my car and every other outdoor surface.  On a positive note, the warmer days are sticking around so I have put together a list of the ten things I start to think about when spring rolls around.

Top ten to do list to get your yard ready for spring.

Spring top Ten List

Spray wash the windows and the trim on the house. 

Spray wash any outdoor furniture that may have been left outside over the winter.

Move the rest of the outdoor furniture outside (after the pollen is gone).

Trim your bushes to give a nice kept look.

Put down crab grass preventer and fertilize the yard.  If you’re not sure have a professional do this for you.

If you have services like pool openings and irrigation system start up from winterization you need to schedule these as they get booked very quickly.

Plan your summer color scheme.  You will use this for flowers, pillows, and dishes etc..

Purchase spring flowers, and seasonal items in your color scheme for the year.

Mulch the beds once all trimming and planting has been finished.  

Lock in any upcoming party dates with your vendors and caterers.  Holiday and special occasions such as July 4th, graduation, and Labor Day book very quickly.  Sometimes a year in advance.

In the winter I can rest a little more on the weekends, but when spring rolls around I know I have to kick it in gear and get the yard and house looking presentable.  We definitely entertain more in the summer around the pool. This list is not all the things you would do, but it should give you a good jump start on some things you can think about if you are feeling a little overwhelmed.

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