Spring Table Settings

Easter is a holiday that gives me such hope. Not only are there my religious beliefs behind this holiday, but the timing of the year this holiday falls under; SPRING!!!  Everything is new again.  You are pulling out new decorations, clothes, and the flowers are starting to bloom.  Spring just reminds me of LIFE.

I thoroughly enjoyed decorating my house this year for spring and Easter.  Especially my dining areas. I love all the table settings that I own for this holiday.  They are very different and each special in their own way.  Some are playful and fun, while others are sweet and delicate.  Both work, depending on what type of event you are hosting or look you are going for.

The off white set with the orange bowls are perfect for an everyday fun look. It is casual, yet elegant enough to make a statement.  The ripple in the dinner plates really make it have a dressier look, while the orange in the bowls make this casual and acceptable for everyday. I love how it is set up at the bar for a breakfast or a family brunch.  My bowls are from One Kings Lane.  However, you can recreate this look with similar bowls from Target in several fun pastel colors.

Casual Place Settings

Breakfast Brunch
Breakfast brunch bowls from One Kings Lane


Easter Brunch Set up
Beautiful Easter Brunch with your Family


place setting
Gorgeous place setting for 4

 Formal Place Settings

My bunny plates are from Williams Sonoma.  The baby blue color is the main color used in my motif. However, I did choose to stay with the spring pastels using pink plates as well.  I love how all the bunnies have pastel ribbon around their necks.  It just gives that extra touch.

Easter Place Setting
Easter Place Setting with William Sonoma Plates


center piece
Beautiful Center piece gives your table pizzazz

You can’t forget the goodies.  The holidays wouldn’t be complete without some form of dessert.  I thought it would be so cute to do lemon Cadbury egg cupcakes.  Nothing says Easter candy like Cadbury Eggs.  Any child would love to see these at an Easter party or in their Easter basket.  To make things easier on me, I went to my local bakery and purchased these lovely, lemon cupcakes and just added the Cadbury eggs from the store.  You can make the cupcakes with your kids if that is what your family prefers. If you’re looking for a recipe to put Cadbury eggs in the middle of your cupcakes (see blog post here) or visit Courtney at www.pizzazzerie.com.  She has a great recipe and I think her cupcakes turned out fabulous.

Wonderful lemon and Cadbury cupcakes


Easter Goodies finish off the table

You don’t have to do an elaborate table to pull off a successful Easter meal.  Just gather your family and enjoy your time being together.  I hope you can get outside and enjoy the longer days and the start of the warmer weather.

Yours Truly,


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