How I Changed My Morning Routine

I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON.  I love staying up late.  I do better late at night.  I don’t have very good sleeping habits anyway so I tend to be up late quite often.  I became a school teacher right after college and had to be at work around 7:15.  Luckily, I lived very close to work.  However, staying up until 2:00 every morning got old real quick.  I had to get my sleeping habits under control.  I worked on it a little bit, but didn’t have a consistent routine.  Then I had kids and well you know the sleeping habits you have when you have kids.  My kids are now 16 and 13 and I would still consider myself a night owl.  I have been diagnosed with insomnia.  I do a lot of writing in the middle of the night.  I try to catch all my errors in the editing process, but I’m usually doing it in the dark as to not wake my husband.  I wouldn’t say I’m a morning person by any stretch, but I do feel like I have changed my morning routine so that I can be as productive as possible.

How I changed my morning routine

Have a Quiet Time

I have noticed as daylight savings was approaching I started getting up earlier.  I love this quiet time to myself.  I don’t like being rushed to wake up.  It is nice to have a little time to wake up peacefully instead of a beeping alarm clock forcing me to wake up and quickly pushing me out the door.

Have A Set Schedule

I am up at the same time every morning on school days because that is our set schedule.  I like that because everyone is up and out by a given time.  This keeps us on a good schedule.  Believe me, in the summer it is a lot harder for us to be on scheduled time.  I had to give my son a strict time to be ready by.  As spring break has neared, I have noticed he was taking longer each morning to get ready.  Kids need a set routine so they know what is expected.  He has a set time to be ready by or there are consequences.

Do Important Tasks Early

I heard somewhere that if you haven’t started your tasks at hand by 10AM they won’t get done.  I totally believe that.  I won’t say all the time, but most times if I don’t work out right after I drop my son off at school, I tend to not go back through the day and do it.  I dress in my workout clothes and hit the gym right after I drop him off.  I’m already out and it is done first thing in the morning.

Make A To Do List

I am a list person.  I have to have my to do list or I feel something isn’t right.  I like to have my day planned out by what needs to get done. Whether it is errands to run or phone calls that need to be made.  Plus it’s just fun and you feel so accomplished when you can keep marking things off that list. This may help you organize your day.  Try writing it down and keeping your list with you while you work to accomplish your goals for the day.

Eat a Healthy Breakfast

I also try to eat something healthy in the morning to get my day started off right.  I never skip breakfast even if I’m not super hungry.  I think there is something to the fact that it really does get your metabolism going for the day to get something in your body first thing in the morning.

Are you a morning person?  What are some of your morning rituals or habits?  I would love to hear your morning routine.  Leave me a comment below.  I love to hear all about you guys.

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4 thoughts on “How I Changed My Morning Routine

  1. Jenn, I agree with many of your hints. I have to stick with a schedule in the morning or like Chase I get later and later leaving the house each day. I have to write lists every day for the next day so I have a plan. I take time for my devotions by listening to my favorites (Dr. James Dobson) on my way to work and I keep a devotional at work. One thing I haven’t managed is the morning workout. Thanks for your post, I feel validated and that I need to keep my morning routine.

    1. Connie,
      I know you have a long drive to work and you have to make sure you leave on time in the morning. I like to do my devotional right before the kids come home from school. For some reason it gives me a second wind for the rest of the day. For the workout it is a newer part of my routine, but I’m proud that I have been able to add it and keep at it. It makes me feel much better when I workout.

    1. Michelle,
      I had a lot of trouble with daylight savings this year. Who would think 1 hour would make a difference. I know you are better with your morning routine, but I’m am just getting there. You have to start somewhere.

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