10 Things that Make Me Happy

Christmas time makes me so happy.  It is a time of reflection to really think about all the wonderful things I have in my life and how much I’m thankful for.  I am truly blessed and should have the Christmas spirit all year round.  I think being happy is a conscience decision. If you wake up on the wrong side of the bed in the morning your day just tends to have everything go in the negative direction and you look at things with the glass half empty.  But, if you put a positive spin on your day, things just tend to go your way.  Here is a list of things that just make me happy.  I bet if you had to make a list right now of ten things that make you happy, you would immediately start to smile. So I challenge you to make that list and start your day off right.

Ten Things That Make Me Happy

1.  When my Maltese curls up and sleeps around my neck.

2.  Watching my son play travel basketball.

3. Spending a lazy day at the beach with my family.

4. Watching football games, warm boots, and fuzzy sweaters. (Does that count as three)? 🙂

5. Jeans that fit just right!

6. Watching my daughter’s Youtube channel, Mint2btay03.

7. Watching Netflix and eating Milk Duds mixed in my popcorn.  Go try it!  You will not be sorry.  But you will not thank me for getting you addicted to a new junk food that you can’t turn down.

8. Traveling with my husband.

9. Reading a book on a rainy day.

10. Christmas!!!!!!

My living room
A view of some Christmas decorations in my living room.

 It was really hard to narrow this post down to ten things…

What things make you happy?  Leave me some comments down

below so I can get to know you better.

Yours truly,


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