Give your House a Fresh Look for Winter

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while.  I have been under the weather, have had technical difficulties, and to top it off, I have jury duty n February.  Please hang in there with me as I am handling my schedule that life has thrown at me. 

I’m sure at first you were really happy to get rid of all the Christmas decor and glitter to have your house back in order. However, if you’re like me you’re thinking now it just looks bare and drab. I’m going to share a couple tips and show you how I added a little life back into my home as I decorated for winter. It’s a little soon to decorate for spring and you can use this time to cheer yourself up if you have the winter blues. You don’t have to go overboard and decorate the whole house. Just add a few subtle touches. I think you will be surprised at how cozy your home will feel while it’s 24 degrees outside.

You can take some of your Christmas decor and recycle it for winter. Anything that has a winter look or feel can be used in your decor. Things like pinecones, white stems, birch logs, and greenery still go well in your winter decor. Use them in dough bowls, baskets, and ginger jars to create a styled look on tables and fireplaces.

Also you want to make the room light and airy so bring in gorgeous mirrors to reflect light across the room. This really helps during the gloomy winter days.

Using white decor can make your room feel bright and cozy.  You know that is no problem for me as I do this on a regular basis in my home.  But for winter I decided to go white on white in a couple rooms. Layering different shades of white, winter white and off white gave me the exact look I was going for.  I’m obsessed with this look and I hope you like it too.

Create texture and layers by adding fur, rugs, and blankets to everything. Your couches and beds can be covered in these not only for warmth, but for styling purposes. Winter is all about adding layers.

Adding flowers and candles can freshen up any space. Candles not only add warmth they also bring in ambience and light.

I hope you are able to check out my spring home tour in March.  I’m excited about adding some pops of color to my home.  Did you like the white on white in the first picture?  Leave me a comment below  and let me know how you are decorating for winter or spring.  I would love for you share this with a decor lover.  Also, I know a lot of you are being hit with some really nasty winter weather.  Here are a couple of winter weather posts to help you ward off the winter blues.  You can check out those here and here.  Have a good rest of your week!



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    1. AC,
      Let me just see. Are they real or are they faux flowers? I won’t tell. However, if they were faux…. they would be the best ones I’ve seen out there and they would be from Wayfair. Happy almost February.

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