How to Prepare for the Beginning of the Week

I really like to be:

early, organized, and ahead of the game if I can help it.

On Sundays, I do a lot to get ready for the week. It just makes sense so the week is less stressful. The main thing I do that takes up the most time is meal prep. I try to eat as clean as I can so I cook dinner and some lunches for the week. That really helps me get a jump on the week. Those of you who have been long time readers know I rarely sleep longer than 4 hours a night. So sometimes I do some of this in the wee hours of the morning, but I would rather do it on Sundays.

Here are some other things you can do to prepare for the week.  If you have any weekend routines that help for an easier Monday transition, we would love to hear about it in the comments below.

Write out your weekly schedule and “to do” list so you can see your week at a glance.

Clean off your night stand, desk area, and purse.  Switch out purses if you need to.

Send out text to older kids about any important dates that are happening during the week. For younger kids, pick out clothes for the week, discuss any homework, upcoming projects, or school tests.

Answer and clean out your emails. This can really hold you down.  It does take a little while, but once it’s done it’s easier to keep up with.

Pick out your clothes, shoes, jewelry and do all ironing the night before.

Straighten up by putting away dishes and a load of laundry. Then Monday morning isn’t so hectic and everyone can at least find a pair of socks.

If you make lunches on Monday, set out the snacks and things that aren’t cold so all you have to make is the stuff in the fridge.

I hope this made you think a little about your morning routines and how you prepare for the week ahead.  Anything that is going to make your home life a little less chaotic is a win-win in my book! Have a great week.

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